The Big Climate Thing, scheduled for September 16-18 at Forest Hills Stadium, NYC has been postponed.

The artists, climate movement leaders and partners of this event take the responsibility of representing those fighting for survival on the front lines of ecological disaster and environmental justice incredibly seriously. Collectively, we felt that if we couldn’t produce the event in a way that met the high standards for participation, impact and sustainability that are the foundation of The Big Climate Thing, then it was the responsible choice to postpone until we can.

Compared with the climate emergency itself, a concert postponement is hardly important news. However, for the fans who purchased tickets, the teams that have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, the climate organizations and activists who have been integral to the mission of this project and the speakers and artists who were the heart and soul of the event, we are so grateful to have had this chance to form a vital community with you centered on creativity and climate optimism. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the climate crisis it’s that one must adapt to survive.

With humility and gratitude, we look forward to bringing a renewed The Big Climate Thing back in 2023 to create a platform for those who truly inspire us with their commitment to creating a more just, equitable and habitable planet. And some of the best music on Earth.

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Ticket Refund Information:

If you purchased your tickets via AXS online or by phone, a refund will automatically be issued to the credit card you used to purchase within 30 business days. Otherwise, refunds are available at your original point of purchase.

What is The Big Climate Thing? 


The Big Climate Thing is a three-day music festival at Forest Hills Stadium in Forest Hills, NY from Sept. 16 through 18 that features an eclectic, multi-generational lineup of artists and programming, immersive on-site activations, and curated content brought together to connect audiences to the climate crisis and ignite immediate action in support of the climate movement. 


What does “The Big Climate Thing” mean?


“The Big Climate Thing” doesn’t refer to this three-day concert as an isolated event, it’s an acknowledgment of our aim to engage music fans and people from all walks of life in a long-term effort to fight the climate crisis. We see the concert as an opportunity to bring new audiences into community by connecting them through the power of music and introducing them to frontline activists and organizations that are best positioned to lead us to powerful solutions to address climate change.


What is The Big Climate Thing’s mission? 


The Big Climate Thing exists to create a space for fans and artists to come together as an inclusive community, learn from the activists leading the climate movement, support the incredible work that is already happening in the climate space, and find their own unique entry point into the movement.


We know that the climate crisis is the biggest threat to the music industry and the planet, so we aim to use the collective power of fans and artists – and the wisdom of the activists already leading the movement – to make a difference now.


What are The Big Climate Thing’s goals? 


The Big Climate Thing aims to: 

  • Raise awareness about the climate crisis and the challenges faced by frontline activists 
  • Serve as a platform for people to engage in real-life solutions to climate change
  • Help new audiences build a community around activism and find authentic entry points into being an agent of change in addressing climate change
  • Help existing activists and movements widen and expand their community and find a renewed sense of hope, purpose, or belonging – whatever they might need to continue their fight
  • Inspire action through knowledge sharing, community building, and the power of music


Why now?


It’s been a tough few weeks, on top of a tough few years, for folks engaged in the fight for our planet – right now we’re grappling with record heat waves in cities across the world, dangerous and destructive forest fires, a Supreme Court that severely restricted the power of our EPA, and a Congress that is unable to prioritize desperately needed climate legislation. 


But there is no time to lose hope – every moment provides a new opportunity for someone else to become engaged in the fight to change the future of our planet. If not now, when?


How is The Big Climate Thing different from other concerts? 


In a few ways: 


We’re aiming to communicate the issue of climate change through first-person storytelling, from the people who are most affected and those that are already doing the work. We know that an individual’s activism is incredibly personal and we want everyone to find an entry point into the movement that feels authentic and accessible to them. 


We’re being intentional about building community. Our festival will have a single stage – all concert-goers will hear the same speakers and artists and share those common experiences. 


In addition to The Big Climate Thing festival, the team producing The Big Climate Thing is supporting and developing a variety of digital platforms that will act as a virtual counterpart to the festival. The BigUp app will allow artists, audiences, creators, and consumers to converge in an open and welcoming community to take action on climate change. 


Why should I come to The Big Climate Thing?


If you’re looking for a place to learn more about the climate crisis, find your own path to taking action, build a community of folks fighting to save our planet, challenge your worldview, imagine a better world, or plan your next action step – all while enjoying great music – then The Big Climate Thing is the place for you! 


What are The Big Climate Thing’s central calls to action? 


The climate crisis demands urgent action from all of us, but instead of outlining a list of one-time actions, we hope to be a catalyst for individuals to find inspiration and their unique access point into the movement for sustained action over the long term. 


Want to get a head start finding your unique role in the climate movement? Take a look at this Instagram account curated by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson.


What are The Big Climate Thing’s beliefs, values, and approaches to supporting the transformative change required to address the climate crisis?


  • We believe it will take ALL of us to usher in a new generation of solutions to fight the climate crisis. Therefore, it is essential that we build a movement where there is a place for EVERYONE and a community that is led and powered by frontline communities MOST affected by the climate crisis.
  • We believe in personal responsibility – and the meaningful steps individuals can take in their own lives, but also recognize that systemic change and leadership from governments and corporations are paramount in addressing the climate crisis.
  • We must aggressively work to keep fossil fuels IN THE GROUND and support the development of clean, renewable energy.
  • We know politics matter, but The Big Climate Thing’s role is to encourage people to participate in democracy. We don’t endorse candidates or legislation, but we fundamentally believe that our governments work better when we all participate, so voting is essential. We will be working hard to support every concert-goer, visitor to our website, and engager in our social media accounts to register and turn out to vote.
  • The Big Climate Thing is partnering with Reverb to ensure that this is one of the greenest music festivals ever produced. We take responsibility in knowing that our industry still has a long way to go, and we are working to set a high bar for how musicians, music tours, and performers can lead the way in demonstrating sustainability.
  • We don’t think carbon offsets are a singular solution to the climate crisis, but we think that high-quality, verified offsets can be a part of the solution. We are proud to be offsetting 100% of the carbon impact of The Big Climate Thing with the high-quality offset of Tradewater.


How can I start taking action now? 


Get started by:

  • Educating yourself on what’s happening across the fight for a just and sustainable planet and choosing a place to start
  • Checking your registration status and ensuring you’re registered to vote at your current address in time for the primary election in your state. Then be sure to educate yourself on which candidates are true climate champions! 
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